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Within the court process there is a lot of legal language. It can be very confusing for the novice process server. The consequences of getting it wrong can be a disaster for the case, the client and your reputation.

At Bluemoon Investigations, we have served tens of thousands of documents over more than 35 years and only use experienced process servers. We have a network of offices and agents operating across the UK. You can be confident the job will be completed for you in a timely, professional manner to meet your needs.

We believe in a common-sense approach in getting effective process serving completed.

Our quality assurance

Our commitment is to effect good service of all documents in compliance with Civil Procedure Rules while providing a transparent and valued service to our customers.

We will always attempt to serve the documents as quickly as possible when received and aim to complete all process serves within seven working days.

Our business has grown progressively by word of mouth over the years.

Our procedures

When the documents reach us, you will receive an email confirming receipt. Our professional administration team will enter the details into our client management system, make file copies as required and assign your case to the nearest available field agent.

We will attempt to make the first visit within 24 hours.

Unless it is a document that can be legally served in one visit, we will make three visits at different times of the day. We will always keep you informed as to progress.

If necessary we shall revert back to you for further instructions.

We shall never incur further expense without consulting you first.

Once good service has been completed we shall prepare (and swear, if necessary) any paperwork. We will post hard copies to you.

If our attempts to serve are unsuccessful, evidence will be gathered into a witness statement to support an application for substituted service.

With compassion

The whole premise of process serving is delivering news that someone does not want to hear. We appreciate that process serving can bring out the worst side in a person’s behaviour. It can be an emotional and in the worst instance, a potentially violent confrontation.

We find the best approach is to serve with compassion but be assured that all our agents are trained to understand when a firmer stance is required to get the job done.

Our UK process servers are trained to deal with all situations so that they can always handle events professionally.

What is process serving?

Process serving is the service of legal documents on individuals or companies. These papers must be served in accordance in a prescribed manner with a number of conditions called the Civil Procedure Rules. These documents are usually served on behalf of the person bringing the action, or their solicitors, or sometimes on behalf of the courts themselves.

Providing process serving for:

  • Applications
  • Petitions
  • Injunctions
  • Legal Notices
  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Non-molestation orders
  • Family Proceedings
  • Divorce Proceedings

Many of these documents must be hand delivered. This is known as personal service. If the recipient is aware that documents are being served on them they may attempt to be evasive and try to avoid service. We specialise in serving difficult defendants where many others have failed. Consequently, we have always had a positive result when process serving for our clients. On those more challenging occasions there are further options open to the experienced process server to still complete effective service. The most common method is substituted service.

If you have any questions regarding process serving in general, please feel free to contact us on 0800 086 2270.

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With an established network of company offices, Bluemoon Investigations is a national detective agency with a local presence. International assignments are also undertaken.


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