People Tracing Agents

People Tracing

There are many reasons you may need to engage a people tracing agency.  At Bluemoon, we can assist with tracing a much loved family member or that debtor that has suddenly gone missing.  You may be searching for a missing tenant or an address to serve papers to - our people tracing service will find the most up to date address for the person you are trying to trace.

How much does it cost to trace someone?

Our people tracing service is completed on a 'no trace, no fee' basis.  The fee for tracing will always be fixed and agreed with you in advance. To discuss fees in detail please email or call us today on 0800 086 2270.

How do we conduct our people tracing service?

We use a number of methods to conduct our trace searches.  We have access to people tracing databases not available to the general public. If required, we also follow up our results by making discreet enquiries in and around the subject address. You can rest assured that if we provide an address to you, it has been verified and cross checked.

How long does an address trace take?

We guarantee to complete our people tracing service within 2 working days of instruction.  It can often be quicker than this depending on the complexity of the case.

How will my data be handled?

No matter what service Bluemoon Investigations undertake on your behalf, all data relating to your case will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

What to do next?

With any people tracing assignment, timing is of the essence. The quicker you can get the information to us, the better chance we have of returning a positive trace for you.

So don't delay, call our people tracing office now on 0800 086 2270 or email the team directly at